7 Things Good Wives Never Do To Their Husbands When Mad

7 Things Good Wives Never Do To Their Husbands When Mad

All couples argue.

But it doesn’t always mean your marriage isn’t working.

Arguing with your husband once in a while is part of the relationship.

However, with proper communication, you can keep arguments minimal.

But this post isn’t about arguing with your partner.

It’s about what happens after the argument.

Sometimes, we get mad at our husbands and want to show it.

So we’ll do all sorts of hurtful things to them.

And while we think we’re winning the fight, we’re losing our relationships.

This post will discuss seven things you should never do to your husband when mad.

Let’s begin.

When I’m mad at my husband.

After arguing with my husband, I sometimes stay by myself and think about everything.

I sometimes think about what I could have said to win the argument. There’s nothing to win. Lol.

Or sometimes, I want to cool off.

But while doing that, I try not to stay angry with him.

And honestly, during that time, I’m missing him like crazy.

So I’m thinking of a way to get out of the funk and play with him again.

And sometimes, he makes it easier by cheering me up.

And let me be clear that all this happens within a day.

Because honestly, we hardly stay mad at each other for a whole day.

It’s not our style.

But everyone is different.

Well, let’s continue.

7 things wives should never do to their husbands, no matter how mad they are

During arguments, you and your husband can get mad.

But after you settle your quarrels, things can go back to normal.

Maybe not immediately.

But it shouldn’t take days.

So no matter how mad you are at your husband, here are things you should never do:

1. Denying your husband sex

7 Things Good Wives Never Do To Their Husbands When Mad

The most common way wives punish their husbands is by denying them sex.

Because you’re mad, you’d go days or weeks without making love to your husband.

And every time he makes advances, you reject them like the plague.

Or you even make yourself detached, so your hubby can’t come close.

And when you agree to have sex with him, you just lay there and wait for him to do his thing and get up.

It is degrading.

Most men would rather not have sex with you than accept pity sex from their wives.

So what happens when you deprive your husband of sex?

First, he may feel like something is wrong with him.

Like he’s not good enough.

And you know there’s only so much one person can take.

Would you like your man to get it from another lady?

We’re quick to point fingers at the man and call him names when he cheats on his wife.

But nobody talks about what the wife did that got them to that point.

I’m not saying cheating is right.

I’m saying that something always happens that leads to cheating.

If you give it to your man, he won’t be deprived.

And won’t go out looking for it from women ready to give it to him.

When he starts getting it from outside, he won’t ask you for it anymore.

At this point, you must know that he doesn’t care about your anger or sex anymore.

So please don’t punish your husband with sex because you’re mad.

Get mad, make up or have make-up sex, and move on.

Besides, why intentionally hurt the one you love?

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2. Denying your husband food

7 Things Good Wives Never Do To Their Husbands When Mad

Another thing a good wife doesn’t do when she’s mad at her husband is deny him food.

I’ve seen marriages where the wife denied her husband food because she was mad at him.

I’ve seen it ruin the marriages of people I know.

Some wives even instruct the kids not to serve daddy food when he gets home.

Dragging the kids into a fight she had with their dad.

And using his kids to punish him.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

My husband and I eat together most of the time.

So when we’re quiet after an argument, one person makes the food.

And calls the other to come to eat.

We might eat quietly.

Or, while eating, we start talking and get out of the funk.

What happens when you starve your husband of food

It will hurt for a while if you don’t prepare and serve your husband food because you’re mad.

But like everything in life, he would get used to not eating your food.

And the worst part is when you decide you’re no longer upset and cook for him.

He would reject it like the worst thing ever.

Trust me; it would burn deep.

Another thing to consider when you decide to starve your man of meals is that food is everywhere.

He can buy food or eat at a friend’s.

Also, how do you go back to start cooking for him?

It must feel awkward.

And how do you forgive yourself for punishing the one you love?

3. Kicking your husband out of the bedroom

Do not kick your partner out of the bedroom when you’re mad.

I’ve heard that you must not go to bed mad at your spouse.

And that’s okay.

But sometimes, you need to sleep over the argument.

And talk about it in the morning with a fresh mind.

But never sleep in separate rooms.

Don’t intentionally move apart from your husband.

It can kill your relationship pretty fast.

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4. Bad-mouthing your husband to your family when you’re mad

After arguing with their husbands, some women call to tell their friends and families everything.

If you’re doing that, please stop.

The worst thing you can do is bad mouth your spouse to your family when you’re mad.

If you’re angry with him, keep it between you.

Some wives even bad-mouth daddies to the kids when they’re mad.

What happens when you bad-mouth your hubby to family and friends?

The moment you start telling everyone what goes on in your marriage, you’d open your relationship for people to ruin.

And if you want to tell someone, make sure to speak like you understand your husband’s viewpoint.

Avoid talking like you’re always right and he’s just stupid.

If you tell people your partner is foolish, they will believe you.

And they will treat your SO as stupid, indirectly affecting you.

Also, you’re messing up your kids if you say bad things about their dad.

Please don’t make your kids see their dad as evil because you’re mad.

Instead, let the kids know that you’re just mad for now.

But you’ll be okay.

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5. Name-calling during and after an argument

I need to add this.

Some women think they’re tough because they can say mean and hurtful words to their husbands.

Let me tell you; name-calling doesn’t show strength.

It only shows one is horrible, abusive, and weak.

And because they’re incapable of arguing like adults, they oppress their spouses with mean words.

Mainly because they know their husbands wouldn’t engage in name-calling.

Don’t ever insult your husband, no matter how mad you are.

6. Keep a grudge after an argument

7 Things Good Wives Never Do To Their Husbands When Mad

Please don’t keep a grudge after a fight.

I understand you’re still upset, but please don’t stay mad forever.

Grudge builds resentment, which drives a wedge between you and your husband.

So after an argument, try to make up.

Then continue loving each other like the argument was “one of those things.”

And that’s what it is.

Arguments are one of those things.

7. Never hit your man

Lastly, no matter how mad you are at your husband, please never hit or throw things at him.

That is unacceptable.

And it is called domestic violence.

Please, it’s best to walk away than hit your husband.

Some people say you’re a woman; your hit is not brutal.

I’m not a domestic violence expert.

But I know throwing things at people can hurt them.

And we don’t want to hurt our loved ones.

Please call the domestic violence hotline if you’re in an abusive relationship.

Wrapping up! 7 things you should never do to your husband no matter how upset you are

Don’t deprive him of intimacy or food.

You can sleep mad but not apart.

Also, don’t name-call or bad-mouth your husband to your kids, family, or friends.

Please, don’t keep a grudge.

Lastly, don’t hit your husband, no matter how mad you are.

Always think of how to work out issues with your spouse.

And don’t let every argument get heated to the point where you’re angry.

Please read 15 Tips To Communicate With Your Partner Without Fighting.

You’ll be okay. I’m rooting for you.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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